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Full-On Flavour. Now Fully Recyclable


We’re rather proud of our meal makers, the way they deliver that big, bold flavour right out of the pack. What’s inside is brilliant. But we know they could be better on the outside. Plenty of you are trying to reduce your plastic waste, so with that in mind, we got to work behind the scenes…

After a bit of tinkering, we’re chuffed to present – in all its sustainable glory – fully recyclable meal makers packaging. Huzzah!

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What we've done

The material we’re now using means the packaging can be fully recycled as paper, so you can pop your meal maker packs into your kerbside recycling and it’ll be picked up no fuss. It’s an innovation that’ll save a hefty 220 tonnes per year of material from going to landfill.

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Help us finish the job

As the year unfolds, our various meal makers will be making the switch to their new fully recyclable packaging one by one, with the make-over continuing on into 2022. We’re excited to be taking this first step on the road towards a more sustainable future and we look forward to having you along for the rest of the journey. 

Colman’s – full-on flavour, now fully recyclable.

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