It's Time To Back British Farming

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Full-on flavour is the cornerstone of Colman’s. Whether it’s the bursting freshness of our mint or the unmistakable heat of our mustard – our flavour has never faded, not in 200 years.

In 1814, Jeremiah Colman founded Colman’s mustard with a proud sense of family values. From top-end management to on-the-ground workers, once you stepped foot inside the house of mustard – you felt like family. 


Because to us, keeping things close to home really matters and that’s why we locally source our key ingredients. Not only are they fresher and therefore full of flavour, but they put local British farmers on the map, or rather, the menu.

Today, we’re busy investing in a new factory in Norfolk, just down the road from our original site, because to be honest, it’s a part of who we are.    

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At Colman's we believe in absolute honesty. So we're just gonna come out and say it. We're proud to champion delicious, free-range, locally sourced meat. Delicious, tender and packed with full-on flavour. And while we recognise that a plant-based diet has many incredible benefits, you won't find us turning our noses up at the best of British. That's full-on flavour, right there.

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As part of our ongoing commitment to support high quality, locally sourced British produce, we’re backing British farmers and their beautiful, locally produced and this also includes meat. Meat that hasn’t travelled for thousands of miles to get to our plates and has full-on flavour. Meat that is reared by farmers who help maintain our local British landscape. Meat that is produced with quality, traceability and some of the best welfare standards in the world.    

Getting the nation behind locally grown produce

At Colman’s we know it takes only the finest ingredients to deliver full-on flavour.


We have been working closely with the NFU and are keen supporters of their Back British Farming campaign. And to read more about why we Back British Farming this just about sums it up perfectly!

9 reasons to Back British Farming in 2020