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We source our blushing Bramley apples from orchards all over Britain. Third generation apple corer, Keith has been by our side since 2006 and neighbouring farmer Noel ­–who’s been picking apples since he was 14 years old – is one of our biggest suppliers. It’s a lot of work, but all our farmers come together to help us bottle that unmistakeably British Bramley apple flavour. Bon apple-tree.

Colman's Chicken Farm Images


In total, our farmers supply us with 300 tons of apples a year. If you do the maths, that’s 55 acres of Bramley apples.  When our apples are individually hand-picked – to avoid any bruised bottoms – from 100-year-old apple trees and delicately placed into wooden crates, it’s safe to say our Bramley apple sauce is in pretty good hands.

We’re all about the bull, but not when it comes to the care of our ingredients. That’s why our apples are locally sourced from Red Tractor certified farms. 

Colman's Chicken Farm Images


We’ve been supporting local British farmers and their high standards of welfare for generations. Because like anything to do with food, when it’s made with love, you get full-on flavour. Pair our British Bramley Apple sauce with an irresistible pork roast (plus crackling) and just see for yourself.