Colman’s Gooey Mac and Cheese


Serves 4

Prep:  10 mins  / Cook: 20 mins / Total: 30 mins



300g Pasta

200g Bacon Lardons (smoked or unsmoked)

4 Streaky Bacon Rashers (smoked or unsmoked)

1 Packet of Colman’s Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix

200g Emmental Grated Cheese

300ml Milk

100g Ready Salted Crisps

Salt and Pepper  


  • Preheat the oven to 180c
  • Add your pasta to boiling water and cook for 6mins
  • Meanwhile brown off your bacon lardons in a frying pan and cook your streaky bacon until its crispy, then keep them warm
  • Add the Colman’s Cheddar Cheese Sauce mix to a pan with milk and heat, add salt and pepper if required
  • Crush the ready salted crisps
  • Drain your pasta and add to a mixing bowl. Add your bacon lardons, 150g grated Emmental cheese and most of the Colman’s Cheddar Cheese Sauce (Save some for the topping!) Mix well
  • Empty your mix into a skillet (or oven proof dish) top with the remainder of the Colman’s Cheddar Cheese Sauce, followed by 50g grated Emmental cheese and your crushed ready salted crisps
  • Bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes until bubbling with a golden crust. Add your crispy bacon to serve.


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