Colman’s Sausage Casserole


For many of us a simple tuna pasta bake was one of the first things we learnt to cook. Why? Because it’s quick, easy and most of all delicious. Elevate this classic with Coleman’s Tuna Pasta Bake Seasoning Mix. Then sit back and watch the nods of approval from around the table. 

Colman’s Sausage Casserole


Nothing says comfort food more than a wonderfully warm and flavour-packed Shepherd’s Pie. A home-cooked classic made even better when you source the peas, potatoes and carrots from your local farmers. Easily whipped up in a single dish, this is a top pick for a quick weekday dinner.

Colman’s Sausage Casserole


A staple on British dinner tables? Sausages. When it comes to a weekday dinner, there’s not much else that could beat a hearty, gravy-filled sausage casserole. Brought together with a punchy seasoning mix, sweet red onion and aromatic sprigs of rosemary, this weekday dinner really knows how to hero British produce.

Colman’s Spaghetti Bolognese Bake


Rich tomatoey sauce layered with proudly British minced beef, fresh thyme and crunchy breadcrumbs to go on top – what else could you possibly need? Whatever your age, a home-cooked Bolognese during the week will always make you feel at home.

Colman’s Fish Pie


This is a dish you could eat again and again and again. Why? It’s fresh and sustainably sourced fish, British garden peas and evergreen spinach brought together with a luxurious Colman’s Cheese Sauce (with a kick). Top that marvellous mixture off with silky smooth potato mash and a sprinkling of grated parmesan cheese for a crunchy finish. Coming in under a tenner – you and the family are in for a right treat.

Colman’s Gooey Mac and Cheese


Feel good and flavoursome, Mac and Cheese is one of our all-time favourites. It’s not only indulgent, but the perfect dish for batch cooking and an affordable meal for a big family dinner. The best part? By simply adding one or two things, like crispy, sizzling bacon, you can up the flavour, up the wow-factor and take an already moreish dish – and make it so much more. 

Colman’s Spag Bowl


Reasons to love Colman’s Spag Bol? It’s a shopping list, and even better yet, an affordable one. You get to indulge in a hearty bowl of pasta and by adding a bunch of veggies to your Colman’s Spaghetti Bolognese sauce mix, you also get all your daily goodness. It’s a recipe that makes your minced beef go even further and with the help of a pressure cooker – simply pop it on and pop out. The end result? A wickedly wonderful family favourite.  

Colman's Chilli Con Carne


The phrase ‘comfort food’ does not do justice to a Chilli Con Carne. Yes, at first it may seem like a few beans and mince, but it’s so much more than that. A sweet and juicy pepper, those earthy almost nutty flavoured beans, the highest welfare standard minced meat and gorgeously fluffy white rice. What makes it sing? A packet of Colman’s Chilli Con Carne spice mix. It’s fiery, it’s smoky, it brings a depth of flavour you could only imagine. For something so simple to become something quite special – it’s pure cooking joy. 

Vegan Chilli


With hearty mixed beans, succulent sweet potato and the added boost of firey jalapeños, this delicious vegan twist on a classic Chilli con Carne has all the plant power you and your family need for the new year - and beyond.