About Colman's

Since Jeremiah Colman first began making top-notch mustard back in 1814, we have enjoyed a proud history creating great tasting family favourites. And having earned our place on the great British dinner table, we're still as hungry as ever to bring you nifty new products made from great quality, flavoursome ingredients.  

Roast beef



From a zingy mint sauce with roast lamb to a scrummy recipe mix that brings your whole meal together, our tasty range is all about making home-cooking simpler and more convenient. We're always thinking of ingenious new ways to turn huffing and puffing in the kitchen into simplicity itself, ensuring that great quality and flavour are never compromised along the way.

Tickling taste buds for almost 200 years

Our recipe for happy family mealtimes

Grumbly tummies are a definite no no as far as we're concerned. That's why we're committed to using great ingredients and clever, tempting recipes to bring you truly crowd-pleasing food - helping you enjoy even more satisfied smiles come dinner time.